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At Roxbury Pediatrics in Century City, Kimberly Klausner, MD, FAAP, Guy Efron, MD, and the other board-certified pediatricians recognize that breastfeeding a baby offers many benefits for both mother and child. That’s why the practice has a certified lactation support specialist to help address the challenges many mothers face when breastfeeding. The specialist can address latching difficulties, sore nipples, and other issues that can interfere with successful breastfeeding. To schedule a lactation support consultation, book an appointment online or by calling the Los Angeles, California, office.

Lactation Support Q & A

What is lactation support?

Lactation support services are available at Roxbury Pediatrics to ensure that a mother can produce milk for their baby when breastfeeding. 

The certified lactation support specialist also provides pumping resources to help mothers maintain their milk supply when they are unable to breastfeed. 

What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

The milk your body produces is rich in the nutrients your baby needs to grow strong and develop properly. Breast milk also provides your baby with antibodies that help fight off infection while their immune system is still developing. 

Breastfeeding benefits moms by lowering their risk for chronic diseases like breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. The risk for postpartum depression is also lower in breastfeeding mothers. 

Why might I need lactation support?

You should schedule a lactation support consultation at Roxbury Pediatrics if you’re having challenges that make it difficult to breastfeed your baby. 

Common breastfeeding issues can include:

  • Sore nipples
  • Breast engorgement
  • Low milk supply
  • Nipple infections

Lactation support is also available for babies that have difficulties latching onto the breast or refuse to breastfeed. If you’re feeling depressed or exhausted by breastfeeding, the lactation support specialist can provide the resources and support you need. 

You can access lactation support while you’re in the hospital or after your discharge. You can also meet with the certified lactation support specialist during your pregnancy to learn more about what to expect when breastfeeding. 

What happens during lactation support appointments?

During your initial lactation support consultation, the Roxbury Pediatrics specialist spends time discussing the issues you have breastfeeding your child. They examine your breasts, check your baby’s weight, and ask you questions about your baby’s bladder and bowel habits.

Your certified lactation consultant also evaluates you and your baby during the breastfeeding process. They can help correct your breastfeeding position and help your baby latch on. Your consultant can also provide resources that make it easier for you to pump breast milk when you’re not able to be with your baby for feedings. 

After your initial consultation, you can stay in touch with the lactation consultant to address additional concerns you have about breastfeeding or your baby’s health and development. 

To schedule a lactation support consultation, call Roxbury Pediatrics, or book a consultation online today.