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If you're expecting a baby, you probably have lots of questions. At Roxbury Pediatrics in Century City, Kimberly Klausner, MD, FAAP, Guy Efron, MD, and the other board-certified pediatricians offer a variety of services to expectant parents, including prenatal visits to acquaint yourself with the practice and anticipatory guidance. To make an appointment at the Los Angeles, California, practice, call the office today or book online.

Expectant Parents Q & A

Why should expectant parents visit a pediatrician?

y visiting a pediatrician before your child’s birth, it’s possible to gain insights on topics like newborn care, breastfeeding, vaccines, healthy growth, and development.

The more you know about these and other subjects, the easier it is to identify symptoms that indicate potentially serious health problems. What’s more, you can ensure your child receives the medical care they need to live a long, happy, and active life.

What services do expectant parents receive?

Roxbury Pediatrics offers various services to expectant parents, including:

Prenatal visits

A prenatal visit presents an opportunity to select a pediatrician before your child’s birth. During a prenatal pediatrician visit, Roxbury Pediatrics gathers basic health information about you and your partner, offers advice on what to expect in the coming months, and identifies any high-risk conditions that might require special care.

In addition, a prenatal visit establishes pediatric care for your baby and helps you develop the skills and confidence needed to thrive as a parent.

Anticipatory guidance

Anticipatory guidance provides tips, insights, and education on childhood safety and health. If you’re new to parenting, there’s a lot to learn. Roxbury Pediatrics uses anticipatory guidance to educate expectant parents on the importance of preventive medicine, including vaccines, annual physicals, and well-child exams.

When should expectant parents visit a pediatrician?

Roxbury Pediatrics recommends expectant parents visit a pediatrician in the third trimester of pregnancy. By selecting a provider for your baby now, you have someone to assist after delivery with newborn care. The providers at Roxbury Pediatrics visit new mothers in the hospital regularly.

What should I bring to an appointment for expectant parents?

To get the most of your consultation at Roxbury Pediatrics, bring the following items:

  • Health insurance card
  • List of questions or concerns
  • Names and contact info of the doctors or specialists you’ve recently visited
  • Results of any recent tests

You might also want to bring information about your family’s medical history. That’s particularly true if you have relatives with genetic abnormalities like Down syndrome or Trisomy 13.

If you’re an expectant parent and want to better prepare for your baby, make an appointment at Roxbury Pediatrics by clicking the online scheduling tool or calling the office today.